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International development and Washington-DC based non-profit, Results for Development (R4D), requested Vizonomy to develop a tool - called FunzoKenya - to quickly assess medical staffing needs for operations across Kenya. From nurses and primary care doctors to obstetricians and surgeons, the non-profit needed more information to identify staffing shortfalls, turnover rates, and geographic distribution. Through our interactive, custom-built, web-based dashboard, R4D can see such information in real-time: illustrated through dynamic graphics that show current budget gaps, reasons for employee exit, and underperforming medical facilities. The app is privately accessed and is currently being used as a vital validation tool to request grant requests from R4D’s donor network.

As with all of Vizonomy’s products, this tool is built on open-source parts: from the web development framework to the visualization and mapping libraries. Carto is used to display all mapping information, with sourcing data coming from excel files stored in a private Dropbox account. Data analysts across R4D’s Kenya operation access the files and update their respective staffing count (and exits) as needed. All information is then relayed in real-time to the tool for analysis.