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The World Bank and Mexico City

The World Bank and Mexico City’s Open Data team (CDMX) worked with Vizonomy to develop a business intelligence tool for government officials to track key metrics on how the city fares with respect to economic growth, open data transparency, gender equality, and capital investment. A seamless, web-based dashboard provides these metrics through dynamic charts and interactive maps that help government officials discern historical patterns: on how educational investments are allocated across school districts, on how job growth for college-educated women has changed, or how publicly available datasets have increased. Behind the interface is a complex data architecture that allows for simultaneous updates – either manually or from existing agency databases.

Built on Google’s Angular web development framework, the site is designed responsively (to be viewed across) any device. All graphics are built on the open source visualization library d3.js, while all maps are built using Leaflet and Mapbox. The source code is also released as open source under Github so that enhancements can easily be developed by any team anywhere.



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We Read Newspapers

We are in the process of helping QMI evolve its business model to make newspaper relevant and accessible in the digital world. By enriching content with images and design, we are creating newspapers that ofter an engaging and highly visual experience.


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In response to the dramatic shift in book and music consumption over the past few years, we are changing our business model to reach consumers digitally, with e-books, music downloads, music streaming, gaming and more.


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Experience Entertainment

Because consumers today use multiple devices while being entertained, and constantly move content from one screen to another, we crafied a solution to respond to their web, tablet and mobile divice needs. We launched new mobile apps that display both free and pid content, establishing a go-to digital ecosystem that makes experiencing entertainment easier, more accessible and more social than ever.