A geospatial ecoystem built with the most audacious and driven.

Vizonomy and CARTO Build Geospatial Together

We bring together a powerful spatial engine with beautiful design and user experience
to create custom location intelligence solutions.

Connect Real-Time Datasets and More

Whether it's sensor information, survey data, weather APIs, or other spatial data, we sandwich these layers into useful insight.

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktops apps

Visualize and create stories from your data through immersive experiences on your iPhone, Android, tablet, or any other device.

Metered billing

CARTO helps automate complicated calculations to support usage-based plans
that vary in price each month.

Per-seat pricing

Easily work with plans that have a base price and per-user amount—they’ll
handle any quantity changes automatically.

Add-ons and options

Offer optional add-ons such as storage increases and additional geocoding options,
and let your customers customize their subscriptions.

Technical Support with CARTO and Vizonomy

Dedicated support from both teams based, if your app is built by us.

Read more about CARTO's projects with Vizonomy

Whether's it's showing Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations, sending automated messages based on spatial queries, or displaying millions of points in less than 90 seconds, our apps help our customer understand location intelligence. Learn more

Vizonomy and Resurgence design tools for Climate Resilience

Where a global communications team meets innovation in flood risk assessments,
spatial mapping and analytics, and cloud-based software.

Target state & local officials

Request a demo for your city and test-drive a dynamic, web-based solution to support your local hazard mitigation plan.

The ASTERRA Climate Resilience Platform promotes resilience with data.

Join a growing network of cities

Over a dozen cities from Washington DC to Alameda City, CA use ASTERRA to understand flooding, sea level rise, and other natural hazards. Send us a note.

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Developing a Global Communication Framework

Climate resilience communication based on web solutions and traditional channnels allow us to work with communities in Sri Lanka, London, and various cities in Africa. Learn more about our global framework for the World Bank here.

Learn More about Resurgence and Vizonomy

From our blog, read how we are bringing climate resilience solutions in the UK, Europe and internationally. A robust ecosystem based on technology, communications, and local networks allow us to scale resilience anywhere.

Work with Vizonomy

We are a team of +25 engineers, designers, data scientists, and spatial analysts.
Through collaboration we can have a larger impact. Through our partners we have a robust ecosystem, which includes:

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

We work with Amazon Web Services', Microsoft Azure's, and Google Cloud's small business network to provide more affordable hosting solutions.

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Mapping & Data Visualization

We work in CARTO and Mapbox to provide a full-stack, online mapping solution.

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Communication and Web Design

We work in iStrategy Labs and BlueText to provide additional context to amazing dashboards and sleeks maps.

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Consulting and Strategy Firms

We work with Chemonics, AECCOM, and other business strategy and development firms to tackle hard problems in marketing optimization, resource allocation, and city management.

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Climate Resilience Teams

Four Twenty Seven MT is one of several climate resiliency consulting firm that help provide context to our Platform.

Work with us. Reach out.

Message Us. Let's tackle hard problems together: from increasing New Orlean's resiliency to flooding; developing location-based applications; or helping contextualize some of our solutions around your communcations team.

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