From conservation and climate change to anything that connects land, people, and biodiversity.

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Turning science into action

Understanding interdependencies of the earth's ecosystems and human impact on the environment requires a great deal of information and analytical capacity. Vizonomy builds open source tools, data pipelines, and interactive visualizations for all industries that touch that environment: from the World Wildlife Fund and Weather Analytics to the World Bank and the USGS.

Connect land, people, and biodiversity

The interactive relationships of species, ecosystems, and genetics weave the tapestry of biodiversity. Access data from multiple disciplines and layer it onto a map. More readily analyze cause and effect.

Preserve forests, rivers, and watersheds

Whether measuring air quality in real time or regulating the movement of controlled waste, give staff better access to vital information and empower them to see areas of concern with geospatial intelligence. Create policy, implement regulations, management enforcement, and repeat.

Weather changes everything

Using data from NOAA, the USGS, satellites, drones, weather stations, and commercial datasets, we build temporal and spatial correlations between changing weather patterns and your interests. From tracking specie migration and changing public health risk to assessing seasonal crop yield, our tools makes your communication more effective.

Vizonomy & Natural Resources

We started in 2014 as a new way to communicate climate change risk: from modeling changes in floodplains and extreme heat days near populations to assessing increased vulnerabilities on existing habitats. Since then, our mission has been to use open source visualization tools, mapping technologies, and remote sensing to make a more forceful case that our environment should be protected. Pictures say a millions words. Dynamic visualizations say much more.

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