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Smart Cities & Utilities

GIS, online mapping, and automated spatial processes are more than just tools for environmental planning and regulatory compliance. Together these disciplines helps you know where you generate, transmit, distribute and consume energy. Manage and predict outages, track asset damage, and comply with regulations while cutting costs and using analytical dashboards that makes you look smart.

Maps for logistics, transportation, social, travel, real estate, government, business intelligence, and dozens of other industries.

Add location power to your data

BUILD CUSTOMIZED: Optimization Tools Dynamic Maps Mobile Apps

Geography means everything to utlities. Whether you generate, transmit, distribute or consume energy; optimize cell tower distribution; or manage and predict storm water runoff, GIS and visualizations are key. Easily comply with regulations, cut costs, and keep your customers loyal with customized dashboards, interactive graphics, and dynamic maps. Vizonomy has worked with utlities and startups from CityScan to Exelon Corporation.

Manage critical assets

With cloud-based GIS, it’s even easier to take advantage of location-based planning for accounting, network operations, and countless more departments where the power of location can advance your network. Manage assets and outages, serve customers, facilitate field operations, and create situational awareness.

Assess performance with real-time weather

Find the best places to build a new facility, map your current facilities, and manage nearby environmental factors, such as weather conditions and economic variables. See demo with our weather partner, WDT Technologies.

Spatial analytics for storm water management

Integrate crowdsourced data - from customized apps - with your internal and external sources. Develop engaging maps the help make you strategic, justifiable choices from a desktop or mobile device. Target capital improvement projects where your network needs them most.

Manage assets, optimize location with real-time weather data

Conduct real-time risk management to mitigate flooding. Locate wind turbines based on historical wind speeds and direction. And develop weather-based alerts on your critical assets using Vizonomy's proprietary algorithm, developed alongside WDT Technologies. See live demo of Vizonomy's weather portal.

Become more spatially aware

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