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Project monitoring and evaluation happens at a global scale and in real-time. Having completed dozens of dashboards, mobile apps, and visualizations for Chemonics, the World Wildlife Fund, Population Action International, and many more, our Washington DC-based team is ready to develop any tool to increase your organization's impact.

Maps for logistics, transportation, social, travel, real estate, government, business intelligence, and dozens of other industries.

Sustainability starts here

We Integrate: Web & Mobile Data Visualization Dynamic Mapping

Whether your organization is passionate about ending poverty, gender inequality, or food insecurity, embrace the power of data visualization and how it can influence people. Use sound data and intelligent mapping and visualization tools custom-designed for your organization. And harness the power of where to get a global picture of key sustainability dilemmas— and develop a truly transformative approach to creating change.

Plan & anlayze for a better future

The decisions your organization makes today can create a better, more sustainable world for generations to come. Apply geography as the common denominator to connect and analyze your information with the latest authoritative data on global health, climate change, economics, and more. We use data from social media, drones, satellites, OpenStreet Map, and more.

Highlight your success. Find the gaps

Use mapping tools to monitor and evaluate operations in real time, and measure progress. Our customized tools have monitored infrastructure projects across Peru, doctors and medical staff throughout Kenya, and weather patterns in real-time. Our custom apps also allow your staff to crowdsourced data from anywhere in the globe. The result is a more effetive team and a more accountable mission to stakeholders.

Connect with the global community and beyond

International organizations, governments, and nongovernmental organizations are part of a worldwide partnership for sustainable development. AWhether you are communicating with stakeholders, key policy makers, or the public, you can showcase your message with powerful visualization tools.

Case Study: The World Wildlife Fund

With thousands of volunteers working with communities to promote development, WWF's climate change team needed a tool to collect georeferenced stories on how extreme climate events are affecting these communities. At Vizonomy, we developed ClimateCrowd - a responsively designed site for crowdsourcing stories with real-time analytics, a data archive, an admin system, and a dynamic mapping dashboard. Everything built on open source.

Case Study: Results for Development

DC-based non-profit, R4D, needed an approach to understand medical staffing needs in Kenya. At Vizonomy, we developed a Carto-based dynamic map that is updated by local staff through an integrated Excel and Dropbox workflow. The result is an immediate snapshot of staffing gaps by location and profession, budget needs and understaffed facilities.

How we work with non-profits

Whether you are visualizating millions of rows of data, creating interactive dashboards, or visualizing anything related to global development, our collaborative approach ensures beautiful and thoughtful products everytime.

Human Centered Design

We spend time learning about the issue and developing prototypes with your team. During the tool development phase, your team has access to the product in real-time.

Mapping and Visualization

Leverage OpenStreet Map, terrain data, social media, sensor data, and crowdsourced information in an integrated and insightful dashboard.

Data Pipeline Creation

From making your data secure to developing various strategies to integrate your data with your existing system, we ensure that your data architecture is reliable.

Custom Imagery

Remote sensing is our speciality. From obtaining imagery from drones or satellites to developing indices that detect changes in vegetation and urban areas, we do it all.

Become more spatially aware

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