Discover the Hidden Value in your Data: Location Intelligence

From tools and algorithms that collect data from mobile devices, crawl the web for demographic information, or connect to internal systems, we prepare your data for location intelligence.

GeoEnrichment - Add context and precision to business data

Precisely locate and add authoritative and descriptive attributes to customer, transaction or other data at a known location. Include US Census demographics, global jurisdictions, real-time weather feeds, and more.

Location Analytics - Uncover and visualize new opportunities

We aggregate, analyze and share data in ways that previously were not possible. From reverse geocoding operations and traveling salesman algorithms, we help your team see patterns and trends more easily.

BI Integration and ETL - Connect to your existing infrastructure

Reliably bring together your data across your servers - on-premise or on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. We develop customized solutions that integrate to Tableau, SalesForce, Socrata, Qlik or other BI tools.


We build your spatial infrastructure - from hosting your data, to developing the map, to connecting it all together.

Data Hosting and Visualization

Leverage cost-effective and performant solutions to power your maps. We often use a combination of the following:

Common features requested by clients

Printing at high-resolution | Export data selection to CSV or Shapefile | Filter data by area or attribute | Hover or Pop-ups over map features | Real-time data connections | Custom basemap layers | Feature styling by attribute or location | Touch or Mobile compatibility | 3D Maps | On-Premise data hosting| and more...

CARTO & Vizonomy Join Forces

Rely on a full-stack solution with beautiful visualizations, reliable spatial engine, and ample support.


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We work in many areas:
From smart cities and climate
resilience to geomarketing and supply
intelligence. See it in action:

From data to insight

Our analyses facilitate decision-making for any market or sector. From locating a new store and determining travel times between pick-ups to evaluating key performance indicators within a selected area, we develop the processes to develop insight from your data.

Create and Clean your data by linking your datasets across a common attribute, or grouping features by area-of-interest. Geocode features by street addresses, city names, or other admin type.

Aggregate features from the current layer with geometries from a second layer. Create polygons or lines from points; or develop direct or weighted centroids from groups of geometries.

Filter by column value or discard features. Or create travel or distance buffers based on real-time travel times (from Google or Mapbox) or predetermined values.

Analyze and predict spatial trends by detecting outliers, clusters, and volatility across features. Find the nearest feature from a second dataset to a selected feature in the current layer.

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For data cleaning and process creation prior to web development

GeoSpatial with Python

The interface may not be pretty, but you get a true workhorse application, perfect for automating redundant geoprocessing and managing large datasets. Libraries we use: Fiona, Shapely, Rasterio and PySAL.

Data analysis with Python Responsive image
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Desktop Analysis with QGIS

To quickly clean data and see those results immediately, we use QGIS. Use it for alidating value names, column or attribute formats, or performing simple data operations (e.g. aggregations or table joins).

Data analysis with QGIS


CARTO and GeoServer

Both technologies use PostGIS and SQL queries to perform the spatial analysis driving all our applications

Data Processing with PostGIS

- Data Standardization

- Geometry Correction

- Database Architecture

- Database Architecture

- Data Standardization

Data Analysis with PostGIS

- Spatial Interpolation

- Pathway optimization

- Historical and Spatial Analysis

- Raster and Vector Math


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