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Location intelligence tools for data transparency, budget tracking, and KPI analysis

Vizonomy has all the necessary credentials to conduct business with the Federal government (DUNS: 079792287) and the expertise required to help agencies navigate long-term digital communication strategies. Our state and federal contract vehicles make it easier for your agency to work with us.

Feel secure knowing that our solutions support HTTPS. We also run analyses on your own infrastruture, if required, behind firewalls using on-premise solutions. This results in custom solutions and processes that enhance your decision making.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Investigate complex financial or MARKET questions that span space and time. Use maps to discover new relationships, patterns, anomalies, and trends that traditional enterprise systems fail to find.

Static reports get stale quickly, and most business intelligence tools are too inflexible to analyze on-the-fly

Through our customized solutions, get the most out of your reporting so you can focus on timely, insightful analysis. With our dashboards and data architectures visualize in real time to track foot-traffic and spend data, marketing effectiveness, staffing needs, asset exposure or dig into key performance indicators within your company.

You can even connect to live data and set up alerts to help you discover tomorrow's solutions, before they're problems.

Natural Resources

Spatial Analysis for a Changing World.

Detect changes, empower field staff, extract features, and combine data with narrative

Remote sensing helps us detect vegetation health or urbanized growth; mobile apps allow us to collect offline data anywhere; and spatial data allows us to create a unique story around your findings.

See our work with the World Wildlife Fund

Smart Cities & IOT

Grow your business, go global,
and boost conversions

Dashboards help cities make sense of the growing number of sensors, open layers, demographic information, climate data, and other sources. Whether its adding transparency on the procurement process or illustrating crime statitics or floood risk, such dashboards require intentional design and powerful data architecture.

All projects are unique. Our team works with dozens of US municipalities to help communicate flood risk, or in certain cases to develop mobility (origin-destination) or other type of real-time map. We leverage the power of open source: from MongoDB and MySQL for our databases to GeoServer and PostGIS for our spatial analysis.

D3.JS, HighCharts, and Google Charts are our graphical tools, while Mapbox and CARTO often included in our mapping stack. Everything is then wrapped within an Angular or React web framework with Node.JS. And of course everything is beautifully designed!

Read more about Movilidad Argentina

Non-Profit & Intl. Development Organizations

Broadcast your mission. Set Plans. Execute Strategies.

Located in the heart of Washington DC, we are surrounded by hundreds of organizations involved in social or environmental change, international development or other critical mission. Affordable yet effective, location intelligence should be available to every organization. As a result, we partner with TechChange to teach practitioners quick ways to create visualizations using CARTO, Mapbox and other tools.

In cases where customized visualizations are needed, we are here to help. Vizonomy has developed dozens of dashboards for the World Bank, the World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations, Population Action International, Research 4 Development and many others.

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