Mobility Patterns for Cities

Create Origin-Destination Maps

Quickly deploy mobile apps to collect anonymized location data. Send targeted surveys and collect immediate feedback on your city's public transit network.

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Collect anonymized mobility data

Infer and validate a trip's purpose, mode of travel, and origin-destination per anonymized user. Export point-location data or linear trips for further spatial analysis.

Send customized surveys

Target questions to your users based on last known location or their profile. Questions may relate to public safety, transit system condition, and trip experience.

Identify spatial and temporal patterns

Detect relative movement between neightborhoods based on time-of-day, time-of-week, or general demographic data.

Effortlessly design and send surveys

Scale your survey campaigns and target questions on-the-fly
and synchonize responses digitally in the cloud.

Android or iOS
Optimized for both mobile platforms.
Variety of Questions
Allow for multiple choice, dropdown, paragraph and other entry options.
Send based on location
Target surveys to a user's last known location.
Send based on demographic group
Target surveys by gender, age, working status, etc.
Available in English or Spanish
An admin interface available for either language.
Centralize responses in real-time
All resposes available as a CSV for Microsoft Excel immediately, as responses are received.

Learn More: see additional screenshots for the mobile app and desktop survey/admin system.

Simplify Transit Planning and Generate Insight

Focus on demographic segmentation by targeting surveys,
visualizing mobility patterns, and identifying problems and opportunities in real-time. Learn More.

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Identify transit issue
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Determine campaign length
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Empower surveyors
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Incentivize app usage
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GPS Coordinates (filtered)
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Inferred travel mode
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Validated travel mode by user
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Points grouped by O-D trip
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Survey linked to each point
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Question type variety
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Send to users based on last location
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Send to users based on profile attribute
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Receive responses in real-time
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Export data to Microsoft Excel
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Export GPS points or O-D Trip Lines
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Quick spatial data export to CARTO
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Filter data by profile, neighborhood-of-origin, etc.
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Animate movement by day, week, or campaign length.