Our Approach

Vizonomy is a data visualization consulting firm that focuses on solving hard problems with open data and open technology. We work with every imaginable type of data, from modeling algorithms, to disease tracking, to satellite and drone imagery processing. We combine and analyze data to derive insight to build tools that tell powerful stories. We strategically use open data to drive hazard risk evaluations, underwriting, and economic development.

We harness data responsibly to help our partners respond to disasters, plan future development, track conflict, and prepare for extreme weather. For example, Vizonomy is currently working with the White House to model (link) the spread of wildfire risk and assess how asthma rates will be affected. Our clients include organizations of all sizes: from multi-lateral development agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank and USAID to agile start-ups, companies, and non-profits including Weather Analytics and the World Wildlife Fund.

We help our partners approach open data strategically. We build data pipelines that produce immediate and actionable intelligence. We release useful open data and reduce friction around reuse. Our partners need scalable, resilient tools for their mission critical operations. We leverage the security, power, flexibility, and sustainability that only open source software can provide. Common tools that we use include Mapbox, CartoDB, d3.js, MongoDB, Angular, Geoserver and GDAL.

We build open tools that people love. Thoughtfulness, intentionality, and quality design define every project. This ensures that our work benefits those who need it most.