Collect and integrate drone imagery, field notes, and real-time data feeds.

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Health Monitoring

Identify localized nutrient deficiencies and enable crop inputs with zone management.

Land Planning

Schedule irrigation based on weather variables to avoid over-irrigation. With remote sensing, optimize where and when to water.

Disease Mitigation

Run a multispectral analysis to detect subtle differences in your vegetation and enable localized treatment before it spreads.

Environmental Mapping

Map natural resources to ensure regulatory compliance and manage risks from natural disasters. Classify areas with great detail to enable more efficient responses.

Correlate with climate data, track assets, and apply satellite images

Integrate high-resolution imagery, crowdsourced field observations, and real-time data feeds to understand how to make the most of your limited resources at any time. Correlate NDVI, EVI and other vegetation indices with seasonal climate patterns to predict crop yield. Our tools enable you to carry your data on mobile devices to collaborate and make decisions faster.

Add your drone imagery directly to a map on web and mobile

Vizonomy develops the processes, algorithms, and mapping applications to overlay drone imagery with your field notes and other GIS data. Our team led Aker's initial crop scouting platform (see figure) to help limit yield loss using automated analyses from drone-captured imagery.

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